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Cdr Bimal Raj

Certified Power Coach®

CLI Coaching Credential

Certified Power Coach®

CLI Additional Credential

Coaching Credential from a Governing Body

Other Qualifications

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
Life Enhancement Course Certified by Advanced Coaching & Leadership Centre, Texas, US
Blair Singer Training Academy Certified
Certified International Trainer
NLP Practitioner
Certificate course in Counselling & Psychology
Teen Parenting Mentor

Coaching Type

Executive CoachingLeadership CoachingWhole-Life Coaching

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I am Cdr Bimal Raj (Retd), Mindset Mentor & Executive Coach. I have over 20 years of experience in various leadership roles. During this time, I have touched more than 100,000 lives in various formats of training, coaching, workshops, and mentoring.

I know that everyone is capable of incredible transformations. How do I know that? I know that from my own life experiences. I have been to the edge and back with respect to my health, relationships, finance, career, and everything possible. I believe I was tested through the fire so that I can help many others who could be going through challenges or looking for a breakthrough in their life.

I combine my life learnings with the very powerful coaching methodology of Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics. I have also been privileged to be trained by some of the best trainers in the world in the field of personal transformation. I bring to you a wealth of knowledge, skills as well as a mindset that can take my clients through any challenge and help to achieve any goal that they set their mind to, irrespective of they are and where they are currently.

The biggest crisis in the world is people with great potential not willing to own it. It is said that the wealthiest place is the cemetery. There lie companies that never started, potential CEOs who never stepped up to take the role, talents that never got recognized because they were afraid to step into their greatness.

Do visit my website for more details.

I invite you to go to my website and fill the form to schedule a free strategy session to understand if we are a good fit for each other and if yes, we can discuss the fee as well. 

English, Hindi
Hyderabad, India



Cdr Bimal Raj is on Chiefly’s international coach roster. From my personal experience as well as the feedback received from senior corporate leadership whom he coached, I can say with confidence that he is an excellent results-oriented coach. I would strongly recommend him as a Leadership and Mindset Coach for any organization. If you want someone with a positive attitude and consistent results across clients, Bimal is a great fit!
Kalyna MileticFounder – Chiefly, Toronto, Canada
I am so thankful to Bimal for his coaching sessions. He is awesome in his commitment, discipline, generosity, guidance, and hand-holding throughout my journey. He helped me to come out of being stuck and move forward to achieving important milestones in my life. His sessions always guide me in my journey. He has all the qualities of a good coach including listening to you with patience, keeping you on track of the achievement of promised actions. I consider myself blessed for having gotten the opportunity to be coached by super awesome coach Bimal. It really contributed to my life and taught me a lot in a friendly and positive way. In gratitude
Harsha GargFounder & CEO, Wealth Gym, Author
Every corporate leader undergoes a transition in the Leadership journey, I too went through, the challenge is never about coming across the hurdle, it's always what you do and how you do as a leader, the power of a leader is in the power of the mind, the way you think, this is the moment I came across Cdr Bimal, he took me to a different trajectory, reoriented my mind and I could see a whole new perspective which helped me to transition and embrace a new role, today when I look back, I just feel grateful to have met this leader. If you want to lead a team of leaders, or develop leaders or invoke leadership in a young team, step up to Bimal, and rest is taken care of.
Kalyan HattiBusiness Head, Author Ashok Leyland Ltd
I feel very lucky and proud of my decision of going through the Life Coaching Program by Commander Bimal Raj. He helped me set personal, professional goals and achieve them too. His approach was very professional and same time very easy to follow throughout. He has always been there for me whenever I needed his time to discuss or sort out any issue. Bimal thank you very much for being my mentor and now a very good friend.
Dinesh KumarSerial Entrepreneur, Author
Mr. Bimal Raj is a fantastic orator who keeps the attention of the listeners intact through his oratory skills. Well-known leadership consultant having strong domain knowledge about the subject. The learning experience with Mr. Bimal was excellent, which would help the organization to achieve its goals in the most simplified and planned method.
Ramesh VarakhedkarDirector, Karvy Forex and Currencies Pvt Ltd

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