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Floriana Sieswerda-Cristea

Senior Certified Power Coach®

CLI Coaching Credential

Senior Certified Power Coach®

CLI Additional Credential

Certified Executive Power Coach®Certified Group Power Coach®

Coaching Credential from a Governing Body

Other Qualifications

Master's Degree - Communication Science from Univeristy of Amsterdam
Master's Degree - Public Relations & Marketing from International Business and Economics Academy, Bucharest

Coaching Type

Executive CoachingLeadership CoachingWhole-Life Coaching

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I am a positive and enthusiastic person, always a student, learning new things and constantly focused on my physical, mental and spiritual development. I love helping others understand their behavioral patterns, overcome their roadblocks, and achieve their business and personal goals. I strongly believe in the power of true, authentic leadership, and in the native ability of each person to master oneself.

Do you wish to become aware of your patterns in life, your behaviors and feelings? Is it your goal to develop your awareness, overcome your fears and roadblocks, and become a genuine leader, both professionally and personally?Then I welcome you to my coaching practice.

Once I became a mother, I truly understood the power of self-control and self-regulation achieved through coaching, meditation, self-care, and a balanced diet. Healing trauma from the past, I’ve evolved into a more positive and enthusiastic soul, responsible and caring, constantly looking for new opportunities to grow. I love reading, walking in nature, dancing, and playing with my little son. And above all, I love helping other people make better choices in life.

As a communication expert, I am able to create persuasive messages, ask thoughtful questions, engage in active listening, and help choosing the right medium for all different communication needs. I support clients learn how to think strategically, get clarity, and develop the critical communication skills they need to get ahead in business and in life.

As for my educational background, I hold a master’s degree in Persuasive Communication from University of Amsterdam | Graduate School of Communication, and a university degree in International Business and Economics from Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest. As a coach, I’ve specialized in PCMK coaching method by CLI, achieving the Senior Certified Power Coach diploma in May 2021.

I invite you to contact me to discuss the best Coaching Package to suit your needs.

English, Romanian,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands




I am very grateful for working with Floriana as my life coach. The sessions with her really helped me improve my life, in all seven areas. I used to know a story about who I am, the story I learned from others or I have been told. But now I am writing my own story, working my way out of my programmed consciousness and discovering my true self. Floriana is not only passionate, professional, empathic and connected, I am convinced she has a real talent for coaching and I hope she will guide a lot of people to awaken their true selves and re-write their (and their children's) stories.
Simona DumitruBucharest, Romania
What I love about Floriana is that she can always make you see the positive side of any situation, the full side of the glass. I always felt safe with her to open up about my issues as she's never judging, only guiding.
Zornitza MilaAmsterdam, The Netherlands
A magnificent, challenging but rewarding journey of self-discovery, self-mastery and greater joy in all areas of your life. I am grateful I worked with Floriana and made progress with my career transition.
AlinaAmsterdam, The Netherlands
There is no magic, it takes a lot of hard work and accountability. You need the right guide to help you see the change, see its worth and keep you going. It helped a lot to have a guide as passionate as Floriana is.
PieterAmsterdam, The Netherlands

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