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Sandora Anna Hedrich

Senior Certified Power Coach®

CLI Coaching Credential

Senior Certified Power Coach®

CLI Additional Credential

Certified Group Power Coach®Certified Power Coach® InstructorCertified Power Coach® Mentor

Coaching Credential from a Governing Body

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Other Qualifications

Instructor for CLI’s ICF Accredited ACC Program [ICF Level 1].
Workshop designer and facilitator for Igniting Inspiration and Fanning the Flame of Creativity.
Experienced Entrepreneurial Support and Mentoring for vision and mission, brand-building, and positioning for professional growth.
Founder and principal of A Blaze of Brilliance coaching to Illuminate your Life, Work & the World.

Coaching Type

Executive CoachingLeadership CoachingWhole-Life Coaching

Coaching Specialties by Area of Life


IT WOULD BE MY HONOR TO SUPPORT YOU TO REACH FOR THE STARS                                                                                                                                       AND CELEBRATE THE SHINE IN YOUR LIFE!


  • Magnify Health, Harmony & Peace in Your Life
  • Build Stronger, Caring Relationships
  • Discover Your Fulfilling Life Purpose
  • Stimulate Creative, Expansive Ideas and Solutions
  • Build Confidence to Live Boldly
  • Be an Exciting and Effective Change-Maker
  • Discover and Enjoy Work & Life Balance
  • Be Decisive and Take Action for Success



  • A Creative Catalyst with a lifetime of exploration and experience as a professional artist, workshop facilitator and trainer – teaching, sharing & coaching the process of igniting inspiration and bringing it to life in a myriad of ways. The greatest art is the art of living Create a Masterpiece!
  • Over 1,500+ Client Coaching hours, assisting individuals, groups & organizations clarify vision, identify issues, refine goals & most effective path forward to celebrate success.
  • Certified Group Power Coach® (CLI). Experienced to both train and facilitate Group Coaching session for 2-200 people. This is an excellent opportunity to work together and generate expansive individual and group solutions, activate engagement, understanding and assure success.
  • As an Entrepreneur Specialist, Sandora brings her experience as a successful, award-winning entrepreneur to mentors professionals to grow their visibility & brand through establishing clear vision & mission, marketing, positioning & promotional avenues.
  • On CLI’s Global Coach Training Team as an Instructor, Trainer & Mentor, working diligently to expand Transformational Leadership around the globe.



  • I specialize in supporting expansive CONNECTIVITY: To yourself, your strengths, passion, purpose & potential; To others with authentic communication, and reflection of values that builds trust, respect & influence; To your life vision –                    a celebration of fulfillment & peace.
  • I believe in the genius inherent in each person. The BRILLIANCE to create a masterpiece in each moment, inspiring ourselves, and those around us in the process. Coupled with an extraordinary set of coaching methodologies, skills and leadership tools, this union generates empowerment for individuals and professionals to live into their true greatness, create a culture of engagement around them, and positive results rippling out from their exemplary self-leadership, exceeding wildest expectations of possibility in all areas of life.



Whole-Life Coaching: Our lives are a beautifully braided whole, weaving together each strand of our personal & professional endeavors, all our relationships, and every aspect of our goals, vision and dreams. Whole-Life Coaching embraces this full spectrum of your life to bring abounding clarity, peace and fulfillment.

Whole-Life Ignition Special (for Individuals):
3 (90 Minute) Sessions for $400 USD
In addition to these 3 Coaching Sessions, by computer or phone, this package also includes email support:
Pre-Plan Review
Between Session Update Review
Sessions-Wrap Review.

Corporate, Executive, Leadership & Group Coaching:
Contact Sandora to determine what coaching and mentoring plan is the best fit for your needs and organization.

Orcas Island WA, USA




I sought out Sandora because I was feeling very stuck in my life. I was, and continue to be, amazed at the breadth and depth of what was uncovered and discovered in the process. It was quite powerful! Through our coaching relationship I was able to get a very clear sense of my life purpose and next steps. Sandora is an exceptionally gifted intuitive and was able to guide me to my own intuition and my own answers. Her approach is a compelling integration of mind/body/spirit tools and techniques that are grounded in concrete, realistic and practical forms. I find her multi-dimensional talents and capabilities incredibly valuable for any individual or organization seeking their next successful evolution.
Raiana Golden, PMPProject Management, Consultant, Contractor
Sandora is the Fairy Godmother of Clarity! Her Group Power Coaching workshop was a well facilitated session with heart. I have working in the international travel-seminar business for 11 years producing people like Carolyn Myss, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay and others, and Sandora’s presentation, as well as her material was World Class. Personally, I reconnected to my deeper knowledge and Truth, leaving the workshop feeling more centered, empowered, and inspired. Thank You, Sandora!
Shawn Shelton, OM
“As a result of working with Sandora, I have become a better leader at work, a more positive mentor to my team, and a better role model for my children. These improvements had the side effect to considerably reduce my stress level and increase my appetite for life”
Christine FricaudCannon USA

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