Soumya Ramaswamy

Soumya Ramaswamy

Certified Power Coach®

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Certified Power Coach®

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Graduate in Statistics & Computer science
Independent Ashtang Yoga professional
NLP Practitioner

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Executive CoachingLeadership CoachingWhole-Life Coaching

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The greatest discovery in life is Self-Discovery until you find yourself you will always be someone else. “BECOME YOURSELF” – Myles Munroe

Let’s begin this beautiful journey of discovering our true emotions and desires by creating a beautiful balance in all areas of our lives. I invite Corporate leaders, Executives, Students, Sportspersons, Homemakers to achieve their desired goals and enjoy their lives with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

I began the journey of holistic wellness in the year 2012 by training myself in Yoga and Breathing techniques. This routine helped me to cleanse my mind, body and spirit and connected me with my higher self.  I learned about how our posture and emotions are interconnected and how to create a sync between our body, mind and breathing. When I started teaching Yoga, I enjoyed an opportunity to work with different body types and their limitations. This allowed me to be more creative and customize poses as per their requirements and taught me to be more compassionate and patient.

Subsequently, I received my certification as an NLP practitioner in 2019, which again deals with our subconscious habits and how we can train it positively and overcome un-constructive habits and thoughts.

The CLI’s Certified Power Coach® training, which I completed in 2022, took me to  a whole new level of understanding about “The Science behind our Thoughts and Emotions”. The Power Coaching® methodologies deeply connect with the human values and the universal laws thereby actively engaging both our intellect and intuitive mind in creating new solutions.

Helping others to have better clarity in their goals & to see them achieve what they dream for brings out the greatest joy in me. This has now become my purpose of life; apart from enjoying time with my family, singing and painting.

I invite you to contact me to discuss the best Coaching Package to suit your needs.

English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil
Mumbai, India

+91 9820530713



SEEKING GUIDANCE FROM SOUMYA IS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I COULD HAVE MADE AS A LEADING PSYCHOLOGIST AND A COACH MYSELF!! IT SEEMS SHE HAS A MAGIC WAND!! I got in touch with Soumya when my second born was 4.5 months old- So, I had too many questions, too much stress, and lots of concerns. She helped me through her coaching and I could address the concerns of motherhood smoothly. The overwhelming feeling is not there and I am enjoying being the mother of two gracefully. I just cannot thank enough for all her informative sessions. The best part is that she gives me the opportunity to go back to her and get all my queries answered whenever required. You can just be yourself and express whatever your concerns are without the fear of being judged. That is the beauty of her coaching. A coach with ace listening skills, full of empathy and optimism. I am enamored by her work, that even today I earnestly follow the strategies discussed during our sessions. Today my daughter is 4 and my son is 10 years old and I am much more mindful, calm and a happy mother. She has been phenomenal and made my journey through motherhood very smooth and joyful. Power coaching has changed my life. Thanks Soumya and more power to you for supporting people from various fields.
Sangeeta PattanaikLeading Counseling Psychologist & Couple Compatibility Coach, Founder of ReLive Because You Matter
I’ve been working with Soumya for the last 5 years and I’ve come a long way in terms of my personal and professional growth. She’s helped me get over a lot of my inner fears, trauma, insecurities, and disbeliefs using various techniques and tools from power coaching. She is very patient and kind. When I started working with her, I had just entered the Ranji trophy team and was looking to create an impact in the team and cement my position. I can say that I’m halfway there already. I also had not played white ball cricket for Karnataka and was looked at like a red ball player. But she helped me get over the barriers and I also made my white ball debut in Vijay Hazare in the year 2021. She’s not only helped me with my cricket. But she’s helped me grow and evolve as a person and helped me understand my core values and made me realize more things about me and brought awareness to minute details about myself which made me understand myself better. Through this journey of coaching, we’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but right through she’s helped me overcome all the challenges. I’m grateful that I met Soumya as my power coach & mentor.
Sharath SrinivasCricketer, Wicket keeper batsman, Karnataka Ranji trophy, Vijay Hazare
Soumya is my personal coach –cheerleader who helped me find myself to take actions both in professional & personal life for my well-being. She supported me in mentoring at the professional front to elevate my profile & see myself at a better position. She used the PCMK methodology in molding me in her coaching. It is the process of putting your mind into motion, to give you the ability to use both sides of your brain in effective problem solving. It is a study to identify the dominant side of your brain viz right or left, to stimulate a physiological shift with emotions & fears released. This methodology also uses color as tools to effectively stimulate both physiological and emotional shifts in my behavior and thought process. She coached me to identify both the logical & creative side of my brain to solve difficult situations. This methodology aided me to find innovative solutions to my challenges & eliminate frustrations. I am privileged to be coached under Soumya as she is a gracious coach with good listening skills & helped me to get clarity on setting my goals. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to get coached under her. Wishing her success in this journey of mentoring & coaching.
Rani SrinivasGeneral Manager HR ( Café Coffee Day)

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