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Swasti Handa

Certified Power Coach®

CLI Coaching Credential

Certified Power Coach®

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Associate Certified Coach (ICF)

Other Qualifications

B.Sc, Delhi University, India
MBSR Teacher, Brown University, USA
Professional Certificate in Science of Happiness at Work, UC Berkeley+Edx
Certificate for Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work, UC Berkeley+Edx
Certificate for Mindfulness and Resilience to Stress at Work, UC Berkeley+Edx
Certificate for The Foundations of Happiness at Work, UC Berkeley+Edx

Coaching Type

Whole-Life Coaching

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Navigating crises, transition, or uncertainty? Overwhelmed, anxious, and feeling stuck?

Your journey through the difficult storms in life need not be a solo one. Having someone to hold the “searchlight” as you move through the dark alleys might be all you need, to surge ahead with clarity and conviction.

Seeking support to realign with your true purpose, remove obstacles to creating more success, and wellbeing?

Look no further! We are a perfect fit.

My R3 System enables you to break through limitations and align with your “Natural Capacities” that are key to your success. By the end of the process, you’ll be a confident explorer, deeply connected to the inherent source of wisdom who THRIVES in the unknown.

My gift lies in the ability to help you ignite the fire of self-exploration that allows you to discover and align with your authentic self, enabling you to be the best version of yourself in each moment. It’s a gift that has not only allowed me to experience transformation, lead a life and business that has a foundation of Love, Joy, and Abundance at its core and create a positive impact in the world but also support my clients in becoming the architects of their own destiny.

My clients
-Are high-performing, ambitious, executives, entrepreneurs, and passionate, heart-centered women who are willing to invest in raising their potential and impact.

-Lead more successful lives by deep reflection, self-discovery, and meaningful action.

-Stay inspired to engage with and learn through challenging times and find opportunities to create better relationships, vibrancy, and possibly forge a new life path through self-mastery.

With me as your Personal Coach you’ll find 14 years of corporate work experience across diverse cultures in high pressure work environment with a history of workplace burnout and a solid experience of moving 22 times and starting afresh. So, I truly know what it takes to effortlessly walk with my clients through the mess and discomfort to hold the space needed for stability and conviction.

I have spent the past decade partnering with organizations and hundreds of people on their journey through the dark trenches of desperation to ultimately emerge into light with a strategy to redefine success and consciously lead “THIS BEAUTIFULLY IMPERFECT LIFE”.

As an entrepreneur for the last 12 years, I have helped clients raise their bar, live more authentic and meaningful lives!

I invite you to contact me for a complimentary discovery call.

English, Hindi

+41 79 613 7853


Four weeks ago, I embarked on a journey with Swasti to seek my ultimate purpose and progress toward achieving my life goals. I have to admit that it has been a life changing experience to say the least. Looking inward, being more perceptive, to become more self-aware of oneself, and to listen to one’s heart; I have experienced these subtle and yet powerful shifts in myself.
Dr. Manjusha PrasadDoctor & a Home Maker, Switzerland
Working with Swasti has changed my life. It has shifted the way I feel, think and act in a phenomenal way enabling me to embrace the most challenging situations with ease. The inner strength and courage is palpable within me.
Eva MehtaLawyer & a Home Maker, Switzerland
When I met Swasti virtually, I had an exact idea of what I wanted to resolve and was desirous of tangible outcomes – that of my entrepreneurial revenues increasing by a certain amount – within 5-6 weeks, I have started seeing positive results – more avenues for my venture and several opportunities which were eluding me till sometime back have started to open up.. am really pleased with the outcome and sense of clarity I behold now with every conscious moment. PS- generated almost double the revenue in the last 4 weeks as compared to previous months! Thanks, Swasti
Stuuti PurriEntrepreneur/ Ex Sr. Sales Professional (India & Dubai)/
Thank you Swasti for making me aware of my inner strength, need for self love and thoughts during the toughest part of my life. Though it is just the beginning, I would like to go much further on this journey with you.
Shikha AggarwalCounsellor, India
Eight weeks back I embarked on this journey with Swasti Handa in the desperate hope of getting my life on track to be able to care for my ageing parents and two small daughters. It was almost an year of my husband's demise and trauma had left me with its aftermaths, guilt, anger and whole lot of negative emotions. I was trying but acceptance was hard. The intention was just to be able to stay afloat. I would say these eight weeks have been incredible. Swasti is an amazing coach and a wonderful human being. Her sessions have been extremely helpful which has given me hope to move forward in life for my family and as she says the journey has just begun. I am really grateful to her for also introducing me to Mindfulness and I hope to continue to work on the insights.
SS (prefer not to disclose name)Product Designer, UX Strategist
Swasti is an amazingly warm person and a gentle yet confident coach. Way back in 2014, she guided me through the challenges of relationships I was facing then. It was a beautiful combination of motivating words and various techniques that took me through that time smoothly. Now when I do look back, she surely was a catalyst in changing the course of my life towards a positive bend. Her genuine knowledge and insight into the intricacies of life and relationships and human mind combined with warmth and compassion is commendable. Thank you Swasti.
Shilpi Sethi JoshiFounder, SoHum

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