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Thiru Vengadam

Senior Certified Power Coach®

CLI Coaching Credential

Senior Certified Power Coach®

CLI Additional Credential

Certified Group Power Coach®

Coaching Credential from a Governing Body

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Other Qualifications

Technology Industry Business leader with over 30 years experience with global software and consulting companies.
Experience across various industry verticals in offering digital transformation solutions to Corporations in India, Asia and the USA

Coaching Type

Business CoachingExecutive CoachingLeadership Coaching

Coaching Specialties by Area of Life


Have on the job experience mentoring co-workers and senior executives of partner organizations over 20 years. Added to that are the specific experience of using PCMK methodologies in over in a large number sessions with senior executives of private enterprises.

Large number of courses attended in my 25+years with multi national companies, for managerial effectiveness and deploying global best practices. Areas proficient in are Market entry; business strategy and long range planning; business Planning; budgeting; forecasting, marketing; PR; business development; field sales; channel development; consulting and implementation services; customer support; product development; pricing; human capital management; P&L.

I invite you to contact me to schedule a free strategy session to understand if we are a good fit for each other and if yes, we can discuss the fee as well.

Bangalore, India

+91 9900196205



I truly admire Thiru's ability to listen to and deal with all aspects of my life in a calm and professional way, without judging or coming to hasty conclusions. He has served as an inspiration to improve many aspects of my life. He undoubtedly has the qualities of being a great coach for personal and professional improvement.
Tej MariyappaCEO, T-Logic Training & Consulting Orlando – US; Bangalore – India

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